What To Do When Your Doctor Won’t Take Your Chronic Pain Seriously

Like any human, physicians have good days and bad days. They may have personal problems they are dealing with. They are trying to see every patient on their schedule every day without falling behind. With all that said, what should you do if it seems like they just want to move on to the next patient, and what to do when your doctor won’t take your chronic pain seriously?

50% Of The Equation

If you are beginning to feel more like a “number” than a patient, something needs to change. The doctor is probably trying to be efficient by seeing many patients in a day, but you want a bit more time. It’s time for you to do your part, your 50%.

Come prepared with what is going on. Write down everything so you won’t forget it. How long has this chronic pain bothered you, when does it get more severe, what seems to relieve the pain? Think ahead of what the doctor is going to ask you. Gage whether the doctor is listening and then you listen to the response.Young woman suffering from back pain at home

Speak The Cold Hard Truth

If you have been seeing a doctor for a while, sometimes the relationship gets stale or “taken for granted.” If you don’t think the doctor is listening or taking you seriously, tell him or her. Don’t feel like you can’t be honest. You are the patient and need the care. If you don’t think you’re getting it, speak up.

The relationship will either improve, or it’s probably time to seek care from a pain management specialist.

Ask For A Summary

At the end of the appointment, ask your physician to summarize what you have said and what the plan is going forward. This will give you an understanding of what was accomplished, if anything.

Be Courteous But Say Goodbye

If you truly feel you are not being heard, if you hear the dreaded words, “It’s all in your head,” and you have done your part, then it is time to move on.

Find A Pain Management Specialist

There are doctors, like Palm Beach Pain Institute in Delray Beach, FL, who specialize in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating chronic pain known as pain management specialists. They have advanced training in how to find the cause of your pain and how to find the best therapy for that pain.

Don’t give up, there is help.

Contact Palm Beach Pain Institute at (561) 499-7020 if you have chronic pain that has not been addressed by your doctor.

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