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How to Start a Conversation About Managing Your Chronic Pain

Describing your pain can be like trying to explain what the color purple looks like. Only describing pain is harder since you don’t have anything you can visualize for someone else. Whether your pain just happened due to an injury or it comes and goes almost every day, being able to clearly define it for your doctor is important for healing. We will give you some guidelines for how to start a conversation about managing your chronic pain.

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Understanding Pain Management Injections

Living with chronic pain is a daily adventure. One day it’s your knee, and the next day it could be your lower back that is bothering you. Roll the dice. When pain becomes a major part of your life, you need some relief. Understanding pain management injections could help improve your quality of life and get you back to doing what you love.

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The Relationship Between Chronic Pain And Fatigue

Are you feeling tired because you’re in constant pain? Are you in pain because you don’t have the energy to move around like you used to? Is your pain wearing you down? Answering yes to these questions puts you in a unique group of people who suffer from chronic pain. It could be from arthritis or pain in your lower back, your hips, legs, or shoulder. The relationship between chronic pain and fatigue is real and debilitating.

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6 Ways To Avoid Holiday Back Pain

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… sang Andy Williams decades ago, but it still plays on those radiostations that start holiday music at Halloween. Maybe they do it just to give you a head start on stress. You know, the shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, assembling toys, planning holiday dinners, and you can fill in the rest-stress. Somebody somewhere might be happy, but it’s certainly not you, especially if you have back issues. Keep reading for 6 ways to avoid holiday back pain.

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The Relationship Between Nutrition And Migraines

Does diet play a role in getting a migraine? Are there certain triggers which bring one on? Is it the food or a chemical within the food? The relationship between nutrition and migraines is mostly anecdotal, but more clinical studies are being done right now. Let’s review the facts we do know.

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5 Reasons to See a Pain Management Doctor

We all have pain to some degree, especially as we get older. Sometimes it is worse in the morning when we wake up, sometimes it hits us mid-afternoon after standing too long, or for some, it hurts whenever we move. That might be called chronic pain. Some people suffer with it thinking it’s just old age. If you can relate to any of these situations, it might be time to get some help. Here are 5 reasons to see a pain management doctor.

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