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Pain is an unfortunate part of life that may be caused by either an acute or chronic condition. Most types of pain are felt when nerve endings, known as nociceptors, sense something is wrong. In response, the nociceptors send messages to other nerves, which transfer the messages to the brain and spinal cord almost instantly.

Pain can result from disease, trauma, surgery, abnormalities of the nervous system, or an undiagnosed cause. When pain persists, becomes unmanageable, or leads to a chronic pain syndrome, special treatment from a pain medicine physician is recommended for the patient’s health and well-being.

Commitment to the Restoration of Function

At Palm Beach Pain Institute, we are committed to patient functional recovery, health, happiness, and relief of pain. Dr. Merson improves the health of chronic and troublesome pain conditions through safe and effective pain management treatments. We provide our patients with the most advanced and effective procedures available and treat each patient on an individualized basis.

Our highly skilled staff includes nurses and physical therapists who take great pride in providing excellence in patient care and are readily available to assist patients with their health concerns. We communicate throughout the treatment process. Our modern facilities are well equipped with current technology that enables us to provide excellence in patient care.


A Message from Dr. Marcie A. Merson

“At Palm Beach Pain Institute, we are dedicated to quality patient care. Our goal is to provide effective pain relief and functional recovery to facilitate return to an active lifestyle.”

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