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Low Back Pain Treatment

Lumbar fusion vs. nonsurgical treatment for chronic low back pain

Dr. Merson sees many patients who need back pain treatment in Boca Raton but are seeking a second opinion to spinal fusion therapy. Basically, they want to know the difference between lumbar fusion versus nonsurgical treatment for chronic low back pain.

Fusion surgery is a complex procedure, and new research questions the results and success of the procedure, so it’s no wonder that people will actively seek out nonsurgical or alternative treatment methods.

“Results following fusion for chronic low back pain are unpredictable and generally not very satisfying. The major reason is the absence of a detailed description of the symptoms of patients with back pain, if present, in a motion segment of the spine. Various radiological findings have been attributed to discogenic pain, but if these radiological signs were really true signs of such pain, fusion would have been very successful.” 1

Although MRI is appealing, its utility in assessing fusion remains unproven

At about the same time, research appeared out of the Netherlands saying that it was not possible, based on the current technology, to determine who spinal fusion, as treatment for back pain, would be predictable for: “No subset of patients with chronic low back pain could be identified for whom spinal fusion is a predictable and effective treatment. Best evidence does not support the use of current tests for patient selection in clinical practice.”2 This comes right out of the pages of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery- “Although MRI is appealing, its utility in assessing fusion remains unproven.”3

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