Chronic Pain: 4 Signs You Should Seek Help From A Specialist

Do you wake up every morning with pain? Have you had pain in your lower back or shoulders for so long you can’t remember when it first started? This type of pain is known as chronic pain. You seem to always have it, you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work. When looking for a solution, consider these 4 signs you should seek help from a specialist.

No Advantage In Being A “Macho Man” (Or Woman)

Toughing out the pain is really counter-productive, and let’s face it, kind of a bad course of action. There, we said it. It benefits no one to remain in pain when you can do something about it. You are miserable a lot of the time, and may be making those around you miserable too.

You probably have tried OTC medications, prescription meds, or stopped participating entirely in activities you love, but nothing relieves the constant pain and aggravation. You may think you have tried it all.

The answer may be a pain specialist.

Over Medicating Is A Sign You Need A Pain Specialist

woman experiencing back pain while sitting on bed

Whether it be OTC meds or prescription medications, you know when you begin to cross that line of over medicating to reduce your pain. Too much of one or both together can result in additional health problems. Plus you will eventually reach a level of tolerance and nothing will work.

No Relief From Pain Is A Sign You Need A Pain Specialist

It seems no amount of physical therapy or pain meds helps to diminish the pain. You begin to feel like there is no hope. Before you fall into a depression, seek out a pain management specialist like Dr. Merson.

Hitting The Wall Is A Sign You Need A Pain Specialist

Sometimes those with chronic pain will find relief up to a certain point, but although their pain has diminished some, it simply is not enough. If you are not happy with your current pain status, it’s time to see a pain specialist.

When You Want An Alternative To Your Chronic Pain, It’s Time To See A Pain Specialist

You feel like there must be something else, some alternative to relieve this constant pain. A pain specialist has multiple alternatives that do not include surgery.

The Role Of A Pain Specialist

A pain management physician is specially trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat chronic pain. This pain may be from illness, injury, post surgery, cancer, or chronic pain. Conditions include arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica among others. If you have pain in your lower back, head, knees, hip, neck or anywhere in your body, a chronic pain specialist may provide you the answers and therapies you need.

Time to get off the merry go round of pain. It is never too late.

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