6 Ways to Prevent Frequent Migraines

If you are someone who suffers from migraines and you get them frequently, there is help. Keep reading to discover 6 ways to prevent frequent migraines.

1. Watch What You Eat And Drink

You may not realize that certain foods and drinks can trigger a migraine. In addition, eating at inconsistent times during each day can bring on a headache.

For starters, avoid chocolate, alcohol, and especially red wine and aged cheese. At the same time, caffeine can help to relieve a migraine so keep track of whether coffee, for instance, helps or is a trigger.

Don’t skip any meals. Drink lots of water.

Lastly, pay attention to what might be causing your migraine and eliminate it from your diet. Then see what happens.

2. Find Better Ways To Relax

Make your life more simple. Reduce tasks and don’t take on more than you can handle. It’s easy to say, we know, but it can be done. Delegate what you can, be sure to take breaks while working, sit in the sun for five minutes while you do some deep breathing exercises, and slow down a bit. Finding a way to relax takes practice, but staying positive about its effects.

3. Moving Your Body Helps

Regular exercise can prevent frequent migraines. If you are new to exercise, start slowly as too much can trigger a migraine.

Maintain a healthy weight as obesity increases the risk of chronic headaches.

4. Prescription Medications

There are a number of antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs to help calm nerves in the brain, and beta-blockers which all can relieve migraine frequency. Talk to Palm Beach Pain Institute about whether these may be right for you.

If your migraines are associated with your menstrual cycle, a Triptan med may help.

Also, ask about Botox which can reduce migraine frequency. The bonus is fewer wrinkles!

5. Get Adequate Sleep

Try to be consistent about what time you hit the sack and what time you get up. Staying in a routine can help prevent frequent migraines. Abstain from your digital devices at least one hour prior to bedtime.

6. Some Things To Avoid

  • Driving at night
  • Glare from the sun
  • Going to movie theaters
  • Boisterous crowds

Make an appointment with Palm Beach Pain Institute if you have begun to have migraine headaches or if you want help to prevent frequent migraines. Call (561) 499-7020 to schedule a visit at our office in Delray Beach, FL.


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