The Relationship Between Chronic Pain And Fatigue

Are you feeling tired because you’re in constant pain? Are you in pain because you don’t have the energy to move around like you used to? Is your pain wearing you down? Answering yes to these questions puts you in a unique group of people who suffer from chronic pain. It could be from arthritis or pain in your lower back, your hips, legs, or shoulder. The relationship between chronic pain and fatigue is real and debilitating.

Man with fatigue from chronic pain.

The Pain – Fatigue Cycle

The NIH tells us 126 million American adults live with chronic pain. When you live with chronic pain, you are exhausted before you even start your day. In addition, pain makes it hard to sleep and you wake up with increased pain. Poor sleep causes an increase in inflammation that makes your pain worse and then fatigue follows.

Without quality sleep your threshold for pain tolerance is reduced, and it can even intensify whatever pain you have. Restorative sleep is necessary for the body to heal and repair itself.

Unfortunately, once you reach the part where you are tired all the time, your pain becomes worse. It is a cycle hard to escape from and you need an intervention to break it.

How To Break The Cycle

There are ways you can get better sleep, reduce fatigue, and reduce chronic pain.

Address Your Sleep

Talk with Palm Beach Pain Institute about your medications and if they may be contributing to your fatigue. You may need to discontinue one, change the dosage, or start a new medication.

It’s important to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. Beginning a specific routine and sleep schedule is one way, and making your bedroom conducive to good sleep is another.

Make Yourself Do Some Light Exercise

Gentle exercise is crucial in improving painful conditions. It will improve muscle strength and reverse any deconditioning that has occurred. It will also help decrease inflammation. Walking or riding a stationary bike are helpful if done in moderation. Build up your strength slowly.

Eat Better

Eating better will help you feel better!

Most of us remember mom saying something similar. Eating more whole foods and plant based foods will reduce inflammation in the body. Make fruits and vegetables your friend. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

Don’t Overlook Your Mental Health

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed, maybe it’s time to get a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist for some resolution. Palm Beach Pain Institute can help with that.

Find The Root Cause

One way to combat fatigue is to get to the root of your pain. Find out the source of the medical condition causing the pain and begin treatment.

Contact Palm Beach Pain Institute at (561) 499-7020 today. We can help you to reduce chronic pain and fatigue at our office in Palm Beach, FL.


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