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Pain Management News

Back Pain After Surgery

Patients with pain after back surgery

Recently, researchers found that doctors have an over-reliance on MRIs in helping patients with back pain and that the MRI may be leading doctors down the wrong trail in offering future treatment guidelines.1 Furthermore, doctors are frequently requesting MRIs for weak or various reasons that may not reveal the true cause of the patient’s discomfort.2

Hip Disease & Low Back Pain

Alternatives to Surgery for Back Pain and Hip Pain?

For those of you that feel in need of back pain treatment in Boynton Beach researchers are advising doctors that they must recognize hip disease before giving a recommendation for back and knee surgery because doctors may be performing the wrong procedures. Writing in the medical journal Modern Rheumatology, they say: “We suggest that rheumatologists be aware of hip disease masquerading as knee pain or low back pain.” 1

Is Back Surgery Necessary?

Are recommended back surgeries either unnecessary or too complex? In 2011, researchers documented that in a study of 274 patients, 17% with cervical/lumbar complaints seen in first or second opinion over one year were recommended “unnecessary” spine surgery (e.g., defined as for pain alone, without neurological deficits, or significant MRI finding).