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Palm Beach Pain Management News

Dr. Marcie Merson Educates Delray Community on Pain Management

Dr. Marcie Merson spoke at the Weismann Community Center on January 4th, 2017 as part of the 2017 Delray Medical Center Lecture Series educating the community about Pain Management.

Red Flags and Spine Emergencies

There are certain spine conditions that require immediate attention by a spine specialist, such as those medical providers at Palm Beach Pain Institute, or which may require evaluation in an emergency department.

Back Pain Boyton Beach

Patients with pain after back surgery

Recently, researchers found that doctors have an over-reliance on MRIs in helping patients with back pain and that the MRI may be leading doctors down the wrong trail in offering future treatment guidelines.1 Furthermore, doctors are frequently requesting MRIs for weak or various reasons that may not reveal the true cause of the patient’s discomfort.2